Born in 1986 in Toulon (France), lives and works in Istanbul (Turkey).

Influenced from her childhood by her extravagant family history and by bold female figures, Margaux Aubin cultivates a strong taste for travel and activism.

Coming from the Mediterranean culture, Margaux suffered a discrimination related to her gender since childhood. She noticed at a very early age, and without comprehension, the prejudices she endured and will keep on enduring as a woman. These incomprehension and these questionings will then irrigate her work. As a reckless activist, her work reflects a poetic and vindictive expression of her political commitments.

After leaving the Femen movement, she starts using the performative art in her work. The risk taking and the encounter with a street audience are essential to her for confronting one’s ideas and questioning society.

Self-taught and multidisciplinary artist, Margaux chooses her medium so that it best serves her ideas. Sometimes plastic, sometimes visual, the work of the artist is also occasionally humorous. A way of addressing issues of identity and discrimination with a lightness rarely experienced. Each of her work is one more link that comes to constitute the chain of the egalitarian utopia she fights for. As an eternal nomad, Margaux has already performed in Turkey, Israel and Germany.